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Animated feature film based on the beloved children's book classic by Albert Sixtus and Fritz Koch-Gotha, published in Germany by Thienemann-Esslinger Verlag.

Produced by: Akkord Film Produktion GmbH

Distributor: Universum Film (German), Gebeka Films (France)

World Sales: Sola Media, Gebeka

Screenplay by: Katja Grübel and Dagmar Rehbinder

Directed by: Ute von Münchow-Pohl

Funding: FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, MFG Filmförderung, Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, Filmstiftung NRW, Filmförderungsanstalt,  Deutscher Filmförderfonds, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, MEDIA

Status: 2015/2016 production

Delivery: Late 2016

Release date: 16.03.2017


Rabbit Max, a juvenile shoplifter, gets trapped in an old-fashioned school. With rabbit girl Emmy, he acquires Easter Rabbits’ secret skills, battles a sneaky fox family and learns about friendship.